30 days of photography

i am, by far, the worst at making time to take photos for myself.  it's so easy as a photographer to get swept up in deadlines and work that you forget to make images for yourself.  as we're stepping into fall, which is, in fact, my favorite season, i thought to myself the other day - "hey, self.  i have a really great idea for an image! let's take it!"  and i replied..to myself - "yeah, definitely.  just let me finish these fifty things first."  and i did finish those fifty things.  and then i finished another fifty things.  and needless to say, i never made time to take the photograph that i wanted to.



there's nothing like the pressure of a deadline to whip me into shape!  only this time, it's my own deadline.  i'm forcing myself to think out of the box, to make images that i might not otherwise have had time to make.  who's with me?!30 DAYS OF PHOTOGRAPHY