a new adventure


 Come tomorrow morning, I will be embarking on a completely new adventure: traveling with film.  It's time for my annual trek to sunny Los Angeles, and every year so far, I've taken along my trusted army of Canon digital cameras..  Not so this year!  I decided it would be fun to take along my 35mm instead, hoping to capture something a little different than usual.  There's something about a limited number of exposures per your $5 roll of film that makes you think a little harder before firing the shutter.So, in a post 9/11 world, how do you safely travel with film?  I've googled and I've polled and I've heard horror stories of losing the treasured memories of a honeymoon in Paris to a pushy TSA agent.  So is it feasible to travel through airports with film any longer?  I wonder if I would be better off traveling with an unloaded camera, buying the film once I arrive and hoping to squeeze in time to develop before I hop back on a plane to come home..What have your experiences been?  Do you have any advice for a first timer?  Have you been able to persuade TSA to do a hand check of your film?  ...Am I the only one stupid enough to try this?