day 19: change perspective

for this particular challenge, I spent a lot of time trying to change the way I position myself when I shoot.  I got low to the ground, I climbed an extremely unsafe ladder to shoot looking down, I laid under trees, and generally got very dirty.  But that's pretty much all that happened.  No matter where I put myself, I didn't think any of the images were quite what I wanted.  Then, when photographing a set of old mason-jars-turned-photo-frames, I made one very happy mistake.I love shooting products with a back light and exposing for the shadows.  And that was my intent when I began.  But, as happy accidents usually begin, I bumped the exposure wheel in the wrong direction.  When I looked down a the view screen, I knew I had my new perspective.My aesthetic is usually very light, my colors typically pastel.  I don't usually take the time to appreciate the shadows and rich colors that exist alongside the light and airy.  Here's to changing perspective every once in a while..