Long Island City Engagement

If you've followed my blog or work at all, you know I love to travel.  And, regretfully, as New York City is just about an hour away, I rarely visit!  So when Michele and Steve asked me to come to Long Island City for their engagement session, I absolutely jumped at the chance.  And we had SO. MUCH. FUN.My city is Philadelphia.  I know that place better than the back of my hand.  I know it like I lived there for six years.  Because I did.  But in New York, I'm at the mercy of whoever I'm with.  And if you asked me to meet you anywhere that isn't Grand Central Station, I will absolutely be Uber-ing there.  (I'm not kidding, guys.  I'm an NYC disaster.)But these two were so gracious, and met me at the train and rode the subway with me, and invited me into their home to meet their cat, and fed me snacks and gave me LaCroix and showed me the beauty of their neighborhood - and it was the most fun I've had in the city in a long time.Spoiler alert:  they were married in December and I am currently vowing to keep on trucking through blogging my 2017 season, so hopefully you'll be seeing these two faces again real soon!