Wedding Photography : A Love Story

Joanna Fisher PhotographyAs I'm sitting in my living room, nursing the last drops of my iced Americano and scrolling through my Facebook feed before heading out to embark on today's wedding adventure, I can't help but realize what an incredible journey I've been on in the last five years.Today is day 13 of a horrible allergic reaction resulting in a pretty hideous rash over every inch of me (TMI? Sorry 'bout it!).  I was so so hoping that it would be cleared up by now, but alas, here we are.  All week long I've been struggling with how I would handle photographing all day for a wedding when I can barely stand the clothes on my back.  Friends and colleagues have been asking for days if I'd like them to cover my weddings for me, or at least assist, second shoot - anything!  And I'll be honest, I seriously considered every offer - that is, until this morning.I woke up, as I do on every wedding-day morning, and flung the curtains open to see what kind of weather madness is happening outside.  Sun.  Perfect, blue sky, yellow sun.  Breezy, cool - 100% my favorite kind of day.  And in that split second, I realized that I could never hand off a day like this - a wedding day - to anyone else…even though the offers were made in complete, honest, sympathetic helpfulness.  It's mine.  I want this day.  I want to make the magic happen in my camera.  I've had the vision of their wedding in my mind for months, sometimes even a year.I am fiercely in love with photographing weddings.  And I will fight to create exactly the images that are in my head.  Even with a rash covering every inch of me.  Even sutured up from a biopsy.  I would photograph from a gurney if that's what it took (and thankfully, that's not what it will take today).So, I slip into my flats, slurp up the thin layer of Sugar in the Raw at the bottom of my cup, harness myself into the Hold-Fast Moneymaker, pop an Advil and an antihistamine, grab my camera and go - fighting fiercely for my love.